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Complaints of Mirena side effects continue

July 29th, 2013

More than 70,000 women have issued Mirena IUD side effects complaints since the device’s inception, prompting increased coverage and concern over the intrauterine birth control device. Thousands of women have reported device dislocation and other serious concerns, often resulting in the need for immediate surgery.

An estimated 2 million women use the Mirena IUD, though an increasing number have had the device removed after warnings revealed that side effects such as uterine perforation occur. More than 150 Mirena lawsuits have been filed against the device manufacturer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Though advertised as one of the safest forms of birth control, the Mirena IUD has caused severe injuries in women, including tissue damage and ectopic pregnancy. Lawsuits allege that Bayer failed to warn patients and doctors of the risks of serious Mirena IUD complications.


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