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More than 70,000 Mirena complaints since 2000

June 25th, 2013

Of the 2 million women using the Mirena IUD, more than 70,000 have filed Mirena complaints to the Food and Drug Administration since 2000. Nearly 5,000 cases of serious Mirena side effects were reported since 2008, including “device dislocation,” which could involve the Mirena IUD migrating outside of the uterus.

More than 1,330 women also suffered organ perforation from the Mirena IUD. One patient recalled that an X-ray revealed the device had broken through her uterine wall and was floating around in her abdomen, requiring surgery to remove the device.

At least 150 Mirena lawsuits have been filed against the device manufacturer Bayer, alleging that the company failed to warn patients of the risks associated with Mirena. In 2010, Bayer was cited by the FDA for downplaying the risks of Mirena in promotional materials and using unsubstantiated statements in marketing the device.


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